Domenica 1 Settembre 2020

The Point of View

Hamlet and Lido

To be, not to be or coexhist? Hamlet would feel comfortable this year at Lido. Cohabit is difficult, we knew that, but sometimes is necessary. There more security checks at Palazzo del Cinema than Malpensa airport (and this is actually a problem for Malpensa). A day at the festival is better than an intensive course of digital literacy. Scans, recordings, bookings, passwords, confirmation emails and barcodes. Losing the smartphone means coming back home. The reverse of the barcoin are the halved highway like cues, silent, spaced, ordered. Security is a bit disappointed, but they can still swoop to those lowering their mask for a nanosecond. More bookings but even more screenings, less movies and cues. Covid has restoring logic, it’s a kind of retrò, more elite and less pop. The actual symbol of Year Zero is  the red carpet, one of the few red things left to captivate masses in identity crisis.. From Berlin Wall to Venice Wall: the red carpet for spotlights and cameras set the insurmountable boundary between virtual reality overpower and the decline of real life. If we stayed at home sending our avatars at Lido would be great, but there still would be a doubt. How can we post a masked selfie? Who’s the talent, who’s the fan?

About cohabit again. The Festival had its coherence opening with Lacci, its main merit, in addition to the musical tribute to  Io la conoscevo bene is having showed once and for all that Domenico Starnone and Elena Ferrante are the same writer. As the French say  c’est genial.

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