Domenica 1 Settembre 2020

The Point of View

Luckily there are good stories that occasionally remind us that the human being is not only the bad , warmongering, greedy and individualistic one. There are also stories in which the other side of the moon is the one kissed by the sun. As in The Duke, where the real “duke” is aristocrat by heart, the noble of soul. How good is in the depressed Covid Era leaving the theater with a nice smile under the mask and a beautiful emotion. The Duke has the power to bring out from each one of us a little bit of that generous soul that we are increasingly forced to relegate to the meanders of our soul. Yes, because if we dig deep into our inner world, we not only find things that frighten us, but also some of that pure soul that we gradually forget, accumulating the small (and big) wounds of time.

A beautiful smile backed by a consideration on how things could work in the world we live in, if only we could make an effort, as Mr. Kempton Bunton teaches. And, who knows, perhaps even Goya, as an artist with a sensitive soul and against oppression, would have approved the theft of his own painting for such a great and noble purpose.

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