Jamie Lee Curtis: “Happy for Leone d’oro and for being sober for 23 years”

Jamie Lee Curtis is relaxed and smiles on the day of her Leone d’oro alla carriera received from Venezia 78: «I’ve never been at Venice Film Festival and the idea that the most prestigious festival of the world is giving a lifetime achievement award found me quite surprise: I don’t understand how it happened but it’s ok. They said that is an award for entire working life and it’s a shock because my creativity exploded after I turn 60, I feel I just started giving my best».

To whom do you dedicate this award?

Halloween Kills premiered here and it’s my sixth time playing Laurie Strode against vicious Michael Myers, then I believe is fair to honour victims of any kind of violence, hate and discrimination.

Which movies are you most proud of?

Many. The first Halloween made me popular, and then True Lies, Freaky Friday, A Fish Called Wanda and Trading Places».

Are you aware that in Italy Trading Places is a classic Christmas movie?

Then you had my tits in your minds for 20 years! Beauty is gone, the achievement I’m proud of is another.

Which one?

Being sober for 23 years. Nobody knew about that but I was addicted to alcohol and opioid. My rehab is the most important thing I have ever done. I taste freedom, it was like being in prison before, now I’m free as a bird, I live in the present and I savor life moment by moment.

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