Lido’s Chronicles: pre-opening with Zerocalcare, Segre and Manfredi

Venezia 78 according to Zerocalcare

It will be a Venice Film Festival «more accessible than previous years» says the comic artist Zerocalcare (aka Michele Rech). He’s at the as President of the Jury of Bookciak, Azione! Competition. «I’m happy because this means that I will fall asleep less during the screenings» says Zerocalcare laughing. Even if «the things that made me fall asleep stimulated me, offering a view about things that are unusual to watch». About his commitment says: «I’m not used to institutional stuff. To be honest, I thought it was a joke! I mean, I’m a passionate moviegoer and reader but I do not have critic and academic tools to judge». Which movies you’re waiting for the most? «My mainstream soul says Sorrentino and Dune, but Azari’s as well». Favourite movie? «La haine by Mahtieu Kassovitz».

Emanuele Bucci

Zerocalcare and Gabriella Gallozzi

Andrea Segre: my Venice 2020 video diary

Andrea Segre pre-opened Venice 2020 with his movie Molecole and pre-opened Venice 2021 as well with a movie about Venice 2020. La Biennale di Venezia: il cinema al tempo del Covid (produced by La Biennale in partnership with Rai Cinema and Istituto Luce –Cinecittà) gave the chance to Segre to move behind the curtains of Venice in the year zero of the Covid era. «Last year» explains Segre «La Biennale asked me to record a unique edition, probably historical, even if the question is still open, set during a global pandemic. I was busy with another project, I only had few days available, but it was an amazing challenge and I got it. The result is a short video diary, I can’t call it a movie, these are notes of an unexpected piece of the history of the Venice Film Festival and of cinema itself. It’s a story about men and women met in the heart of the festival reflecting about what we are all experiencing».

Emanuele Bucci

“Il cinema al tempo del Covid” by Andrea Segre

Remembering Nino Manfredi

Venice 78 pre-opening ceremony celebrated the great Nino Manfredi in the centennial of his birth screening the restored edition of Per grazia ricevuta (1971) curated by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale e di Istituto Luce – Cinecittà.

Per grazia ricevuta is Manfredi’s directorial debut feature and he also stars as the protagonist Benedetto Parisi. The movie tells the story across drama and comedy of the damages caused by an education based supertistion and sexophobia. The excellent cast is completed by Lionel Stander, Paola Borboni, Delia Boccardo, Mario Scaccia, Mariangela Melato.

Emanuele Bucci

Luca Manfredi with his daughters, Matilde e Margherita, together with the Artistic Director Alberto Barbera

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