Opening Film: Shen Kong (Out of this world)

After his directorial debut with the short film F**k (2016), the actor, screenwriter and director Chen Guan tests himself with his first feature giving his point of view the drama that the world has been living in for a year and a half. At the outbreak of the pandemic Li You (Wei Ruguang) is granted a long vacation while Xiaoxiao (Deng Keyu) is forced to stay in a city he does not know. The two wander the streets of the city in search of fun things to do, while a strange atmosphere weighs on the urban landscape. For both, little by little, feelings, moral values and instincts become mere tools to satisfy their desires. But after reaching the peak of euphoria, what more can they do to still feel something? The marks of the city are the only thing left.


Opening film, world premiere, first feature.

Macao, 2021, Directed by Chen Guan, with Wei Ruguang, Deng Keyu, Lenght 101’

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