Serena Rossi: “It’s a dream being on that stage”

She’s one of the most loved movies and tv stars of the moment. Serena Rossi has collected one success after another in the last three years, starting from Venezia 74 and Manetti Bros’ Ammore e malavita for which she won David di Donatello, Ciak d’oro and Golden Ribbon. And tonight, waiting for Diabolik in which her friends Manetti Bros wanted her to play the former lover of the mysterious protagonist. Serena, who turns 36 just yesterday, is a former star of the successful Italian soap Un posto al sole, then she worked across theatre, television and cinema. Singer, soubrette, tv presenter, Serena Rossi is living the highlight of her career conducting the opening ceremony of the 78th Venice Film Festival.

Serena Rossi, you’re a natural on stage but tonight your audience will be the best of Italian and international cinema. How does it feel?   

“I feel like my legs are shaking! There will be colleagues, professionals, but I learned a long time ago that being real is the most important thing. Then I’ll be… me. And I hope to be forgiven if I will make some little mistake”.

It’s not always easy to be accepted in the film industry for those not committed to the movies. Was it difficult for you as well? 

“Maybe in the early stages of my job I sensed some resistance. But my family and my partner used to tell me ‘Your revenge is on the field, gossip is not important. I never dramatized”.

You’re in the Ciak Power List of Italian cinema paired with Miriam Leone. Soon you’ll be together in Diabolik disputing around the protagonist. How was working in this much-awaited movie?

“Manetti Bros called me: “We love you and you’ve always been our protagonist, but Eva Kant is not a role for you”. I answered: “Do you think this could hurt my feelings? How can I think of myself as Eva Kant”. They answered back: “But we want you with us anyway”. “I would make everything for you”. Then after so many strong women, I became the remissive Elisabeth Gay. The beautiful one is Miriam! It’s been a difficult experience, the movie is based upon a comic and set in a quite abstract reality, even lines are written in a particular way. And My eyes are purple! And I speak with a different accent. But working with the Bros the harder and weirder things are, the funnier they are”.

Close your eyes and think about the classic character you always wanted to play. 

Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins! And I would have loved being born a few years earlier to live the movies with Mastroianni, Loren, De Sica, Ettore Scola. I never get tired to watch those movies”.

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