The challenge of a great festival

In these years, so anomalous and difficult for the industry, the 78th Venice Film Festival has the most important task: giving the definitive gong shot to come back to normal that means great and popular movies and theatres filled with the audience. This commitment started in the best possible way last year, when Venezia 77 screened the best movies available while four continents were closed for pandemic. Safety measures during the festival were perfect and the passion for the movies remained untouched. And the Golden Lion (Nomadland) won the Oscars once more.

This time is different. We are already living in the age of Green Pass and vaccines and it’s fair hoping that the emergency is fading away. In the cinema universe the rules of the game are set by having the most awaited movies and talents. A challenge that the director Alberto Barbera and the President of La Biennale Roberto Cicutto accepted and relaunch once more attracting great directors to the competition, from Almodovar to Larraìn to Jane Campion, “glazing” the exhibition with world premieres, such as Villeneuve’s Dune, Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel, Ennio in which Tornatore reviews life and art his friend Morricone. There are also great Italian directors. Paolo Sorrentino, D’Innocenzo brothers, Mario Martone Gabriele Mainetti and his Freaks Out and The Cave by Michelangelo Frammartino. Venezia 78 is all this and more: events, great titles, classics rediscovered and many interesting movies across all the section of the festival. All shaped in a completely different way than the bulimic bunch experienced in Cannes. Then welcome back blockbusters and Venice Film Festival. And welcome back to great directors and Italian cinema at its best. They will all crowd Venezia 78.

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