Acqua e anice / Les damnés ne pleurent pas / Notti veneziane


  • Acqua e anice
  • Les damnés ne pleurent pas
  • Un nemico invisibile


First Feature Italy, 2022, Director Corrado Ceron With: Stefania Sandrelli, Silvia D’Amico, Paolo Rossi, Luisa De Santis, Diego Facciotti, Paolo Cioni, Giancarlo Previati, Stefano Bicocchi aka Vito Running Time: 115’ Distribution: Fandango

“A hymn to life and the liberty of choosing to be happy”. According to the director Corrado Ceron, this is Olimpia’s Way, on the road tale with a double soul that tries to pick two women’s deepest and funniest sides. Stefania Sandrelli is Olimpia, legendary liscio-dancer. She’s 70 and decides to hit the road again for the last tour with her orchestra, visiting the places where her legend rose and the people who loved her. Young Maria (Silvia D’Amico) is her driver during this ironic and moving trip. The script is signed by Ceron with Federico Fava, the latter author of Gianni Amelio’s Il signore delle formiche, selected for the international competition of Venezia 79, and Valentina Zanella, also the producer of Olimpia’s Way.

Vania Amitrano


France, Belgium, Morocco, 2022, Direcotr Fyzal Boulifa, With Abdellah El Hajjouji, Aicha Tebbae, Antoine Reinartz, Running time 110

After besties “Lynn e Lucy”, Fyzal Boulifa’s Les damnés ne pleurent pas tells the story of Selim and Fatima-Zahra, mother and daughter constantly on the run and looking for a fresh start. Just like the one Selim promises to her daughter after the girl discovers the truth about her past. Tangeri will be the chance to gain back a kind of everyday life and fulfil their dreams, even if this could mean cracking the fragile sentiment that bonds them and maybe giving up childish trust. Boulifa was awarded for his short movies Rate Me and The Curse at Cannes’ Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, and was nominated as best outbreaking director at the 2019 British Independent Awards. The British director insists on looking for the hidden hope that could change everybody’s life.

Mattia Pasquini


Italy, 2022, Director: Riccardo Campagna, Federico Savonitto With: Maria Albina Rasman, Duilio Rasman, Giuliana Rasman, Manuel Jarc, Nicolò Giraldi, Filippo Bruno, Claudio Defilippi, Felice Casson Running time: 75’ Distribution: Lo Scrittoio 

October 27 2006: Riccardo Rasman, the second child of a family of Istrian farmers exiled in Italy, is brutally killed in his house during a police operation. Riccardo’s parents and his sister Giuliana are looking for justice, but they only face indifference. Riccardo Campagna and Federico Savonitto’s “An Invisible Enemy” explores the complexity of a destroyed family. “We start from a story with a strong civil subject to connect with the wider and universal boundaries of the human condition, just like the desperation of a mother who lost her son without reason”, the directors explain. “Our film embraces all those people looking for a reason to injustice and pain”.

Vania Amitrano

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