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  • Bentu
  • La timidezza delle chiome


Italy, 2022, Director Salvatore Mereu With Peppeddu Cuccu, Giovanni Porcu Running Time: 70’ Distribution: Viacolvento

Bentu is set in Sardinia during the ‘50s. Trexenta is one of the most ancient granaries on the island. This is the story of an obsession and a challenge. Salvatore Mereu brought on the legacy of his own birthland in most of his movies, such as Ballo a tre passi (2003), Bellas mariposas (2012) and Assandira (2020), all three of them very well greeted in previous editions of Venice Film Festival. Giuseppe “Peppeddu” Cuccu is the protagonist of Bentu, a Sardinian actor who made his first appearence in  Vittorio De Seta’s Banditi a Orgosolo (1960). Cuccu plays Raffaele, an old farmer who devoted his all life to grain harvest. Every year after the reaping Raffaele waits for the wind to blow and separate the grain from the stray. For this reason, he sleeps in the fields, far from everyone. The wind is not coming, only the young Angelino visits him every day.

Vania Amitrano


Italy/Israel, 2022, Director: Valentina Bertani With: Benjamin Israel, Joshua Israel, Sergio Israel, Monica Carletti, Michela Scaramuzza Running time: 97’ Distribution: I Wonder Pictures

Benjamin and Joshua Israel are identical twins of Hebrew heritage. They are similar even in their mental disability. The world does not seem ready to accept them, but Benjamin and Joshua are in their 20s and becoming more and more oppressed and without a future, and they want to experience sex and love. “I worked with them for 5 years, our relationship became friendship and I had the need to make a documentary to tell their story” Dopo 5 anni di lavoro con loro, durante i quali la nostra relazione si è trasformata in un’amicizia, è nata l’esigenza di realizzare un documentario che raccontasse la loro storia”. This is how Valentina Bertani explains her directing debut. “The Crown Shyness” is a free and sincere tale about two unique boys, leading their own lives, fighting each other sometimes, but with a bond that is impossible to untie even when they take opposite paths.

Mattia Pasquini

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