Biografilm Festival announces the new artistic directors

Bologna’s Biografilm Festival has a new artistic director, entrusted to Massimo Benvegnù and Chiara Liberti. They had already coordinated the programming of this year’s edition after the resignation of the outgoing director, Leena Pasanen. The news was announced yesterday at the Venice Lido by the Festival’s Director General, Massimo Mezzetti, explaining, “It’s a classic example of the motto ‘a winning team does not change.’ Benvegnù and Liberti are two industry professionals who had previously worked in Biografilm. Over the years they have acquired significant experience abroad that they have generously and passionately at the service of our last edition that will be useful to grow further in the direction of solid internationalization. I am thrilled to be able to count on the two of them for the festival’s next edition.” The nineteenth edition of Biografilm Festival – International Celebration of Lives2023 will take place in Bologna from June 9 to 19, while Bio to B – Industry Days, the event dedicated to professionals in the film industry, will be from June 14 to 17.
Benvegnù and Liberti’s nomination came on the wings of the success of the 18th edition, held in Bologna June 10-20, 2022, and marked by a public and critical success beyond all expectations, with more than 17,000 live viewers, more than 120 screenings, more than 70 film premieres, many great national and international guests, more than 1,500 accredited, more than 600 subscriptions sold, Biografilm Follower, more than 2,500 viewers on the Biografilm and MYmovies ONE digital platform, and a “media value” of more than €5 million
“I am deeply honoured, grateful, and happy to take on this challenge, together with Massimo Benvegnù, a professional and a friend whom I incredibly respect,” commented Chiara Liberti, “and my gratitude goes to all the staff of Biografilm, a festival that I have seen born and grow. Biografilm for me is a family to return to and an opportunity – precious and powerful – to demonstrate once again how central and fundamental culture is, in contemporaneity and the life of every human being.”
“Biografilm,” Benvegnù said instead, “is now a ‘historic’ festival for Bologna and the Italian film and cultural scene.” “Assuming the artistic direction, together with Chiara Liberti, is a reason of great pride, and a challenge to be taken up with courage, humility and deep curiosity towards the stories we will tell in the next edition.”

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