Harry Styles and the assault of the teenagers

Since my mother died, you have been my only reason for living.” The sign from a fan, thronged among many on the red carpet since the night before, is crystal clear. “If you meet her, can you tell her I thank her very much?”  After Timothée, Harry’s turn, another star, another ride. The delirium is still the same, as is the sense of devotion and respect for the fans who created them. “I’m grateful to the people who have always supported me and to my friends who have given me a place where I can be myself, express myself and make the music I like,” Harry says, “I owe it all to the environment and the fans, and I hope I can give back, that’s what I want most“. Fame is no longer a matter of beauty; filed away the concept of macho, the star of this new era weighs less than 70 pounds, walks the red carpet in a skirt and wears polish on his nails. Green for Harry Styles, smiling at the press conference and deflagrating on the red carpet always with Olivia Wilde, a partner in life and director of Don’t worry, darling. Social media spoke of on-set fights with leading lady Florence Pugh, who went missing for the press conference. “These are rumours that the Internet fuels,” she assures. Yet it is also thanks to the web and social that Harry is HARRY. “I think there is a lot of negativity on social media,” Styles admits, “But it’s important to remind ourselves that there are also positive things that happen because of social. I think the community is everything, but it’s important to define whether it’s made up of family, friends, or all the people around us because I think it’s more important what influences our daily lives than the media.” 

He has graced the most celebrated stages on the planet, taking his music everywhere. Still, this time the pop star is tackling the world of film, starting directly from Venice. “I feel fortunate because I’m doing the work I like,” he vows, “But thanks to acting I explored something different. I don’t look too far ahead, I take one day at a time. I don’t know yet if I will have a future as an actor.” He has undoubtedly already taken the present. “Harry Harry” echoed throughout the day on the Lido, slipped into neighbouring press meetings, exploded on the red carpet, and settled into the chair for two, where Timothée was waiting for him. 

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