Lido’s chronicles


  • Elodie’s debut
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Showrunners in Italy

Elodie e la “terapia del cinema”

For Elodie, the transition from music to film is a matter of vibe. “I’m an entertainer, but I needed to speak with a deeper vibration, and when the character of Marilena came along, I accepted with enthusiasm.” At the Venice Film Festival for Pippo Mazzapesa‘s film Ti mangio il cuore (I eat your heart), the Roman singer is taking on the role of actress for the first time, a debut that could not have been more in the spotlight. “I had been thinking for a long time,” she confesses, “that it would be great to experience acting. I was waiting for magic, something that would strike me and give me the strength and courage to do something not possible in my job as a singer. When I read the script that Pippo gave me, I thought Marilena was a real woman with a complex character: I fell in love with her, it might have seemed pretentious to start with such a character, but it seemed like a great opportunity to confront something deeper.” Used to concerts, arenas, and gold records, Elodie tackles the Lido and the red carpet almost on tiptoe, letting herself be guided by the rest of the cast and a director who strongly wanted her, even before everyone else. “The starting points in this film were two,” Mezzapesa stresses, “Black and white and Elodie: I was looking for an actress suitable for such a strong and contrasted character, and instinctively I thought of her. At first, I was taken for a fool, but she was the craziest and bravest because she dived in with courage.” Starting in the school of Amici, Elodie has climbed the charts, moved on from Sanremo Music Festival as an artist and host, and now has landed in film, learning the craft from those already doing it. “On set I worked with Lidia Vitale, an actress with a lot of experience who put her tools at my disposal. I was lucky enough to deal with people who supported me.” The set was also a school of life. “I discovered many things about myself doing this work,” she adds, “I would be proud to have a woman like Marilena next to me, who chooses life and not accept certain patterns. Thanks to her, I had the opportunity to discover myself in my frailties.” And now that the world of cinema has welcomed her? “I’d like to continue, maybe choosing projects carefully, so while I’m at it, I also do some therapy.” 


Penelope Cruz: “Non è un caso se sono madre in tanti film” 

Penelope Cruz arrived yesterday at Venice Film Festival to support Emanuele Crialese‘s L’immensità, one of the five Italian films in competition. The Spanish actress, mother of two with her partner Javier Bardem, revealed why she accepted the role:

“I have played many mothers in my career. Even when I was very young with Pedro Almodovar. I did seven films with him, and in five of them I played a mother and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I have a strong maternal instinct and am fascinated by what happens inside every family. It is always an honour for me to play many different women and mothers.”


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