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Le favolose: Roberta Torre, Donatella Palermo and cast talk about the movie

«I wanted them to use their own words to tell them, I gave them a path and they just had to follow it to be themselves»: Roberta Torre summarizes the way she chose to tell the story of Le favolose (Notti Veneziane), a group of transgender friends who gather to remember one of them who died years before with a male suit. Le “favolose” share their memories in this blend of documentary and surrealism. The entire cast (Porpora Marcasciano, Sofia Mehiel, Mizia Ciulini, Veeth Sandeh, Nicole De Leo, Massimina Lizzeri) and the producer Donatella Palermo accompanied the film in Venice. Palermo said: «Le favolose is about people who followed a dream paying a very high price in a society that fears to dream». Le favolose is a ghost story fantasmi. «For years, decades» said Massimina Lizzeri, «we’ve been ghosts: not wives, mothers, daughters or workers, we were not considered as women. But we are all these things, and we are sisters, we are human beings». Porpora Marcasciano said, “changing the world is not easy. It’s a long-term battle». But maybe something is changing, even in how trans people are represented in cinema. Nicole De Leo said, “Roberta Torre listened to us a put us in the condition to listen». It’s emblematic that there are many movies about this topic without stereotyping gender identity and gender transition in this festival. According to Roberta Torre: «History is breaking and wants this story to be told».

Emanuele Bucci

Cate Blanchett spoke about making Todd Field’s Tàr:

“I understood that this a was a very complicated character from the very first syllable of the script that is very well done. It’s a movie about transformation, a process of change. She doesn’t know herself. She’s a bunch of contradictions and provocations. While filming, I never thought about the gender and the sexuality of the character.”

“Together to restart Italian cinema”

Cinema between illusion and storytelling: make the story, tell life, preview the future. This is the title of the panel organized by Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo and moderate by President of SNGCI and Nastri d’Argento Laura Delli Colli. At the event were invited major professionals of the audiovisual industry to talk about this topic. The speakers all agreed on one thing: to give a future to the bug screen, efforts must be shared across production, distribution and creativity. «There are doubts about the ability of our industry to be today as it was in the past –  the Artistic Director Alberto Barbera says – But it’s not true, and at the end of this festival, we will all have the opposite feeling. The relationship between creativity and quality is complex. We can’t continue to invest in quantity. We need quality because the audience can be involved only with high-quality productions». Paolo Del Brocco, CEO of Rai Cinema shares this idea but with some reservations. «About the number of productions linked to quality, the solution is to find common ground with the producers, and it is not an automatic passage». Giampaolo Letta, CEO of Medusa film, is more specific. «If we want the theatre to be again the main location for film screenings, there two things that are mandatory: working all together on the high level of the stories and having rules safeguarding theatres ». Massimiliano Orfei, CEO of Vision Distribution, is the voice of distributors. «We share an ecosystem that saves us all. The problem in our country is the problematic relationship with the cinema of the past, it’s a hard confrontation, but I’m positive because our productions are always present in the most prestigious festival». Nicola Maccanico, CEO of Cinecittà, speaks about timing. «Streaming platforms need theatres, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they support them with longer windows, but to do this, we need more time and more talks». Francesco Rutelli, President of Anica, has no doubt: «We need an integrated supply chain, we have to combine the national needs with a global ecosystem».

Tiziana Leone

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