Movie of the day: Don’t Worry Darling


Usa, 2022, Director Olivia Wilde, with Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, Running time 123′

“Are you ready to live the life you deserved?”. This question asks us “Don’t Worry, Darling”. The second feature directed by Olivia Wilde (after Booksmart) is a psychological thriller that will surprise Venice after Wilde’s family issues and the much-anticipated sex scenes involving Florence Pugh and superstar Harry Styles. There is much more behind the exclusive and safe facade of Victory, the protected and disturbing community where this top secret project sets during the ’50s takes place.

Wilde wanted to play the leading role of Alice herself but then decided to cast Florence Pugh (legend says after watching her performance in Midsommar). Shia LaBeouf was chosen to play her husband before Wilde fired him for his controversial behaviours on set and with the cast, especially with Pugh. Wilde then took advantage of the cancellation of Harry Styles’ world tour because of the pandemic and signed him for the role.

Dakota Johnson should have been in the movie as well, but she was on set for “The Lost Daughter”, and KiKi Layne replaced her as one of the unaware wives living in this parallel world in the middle of the Californian desert led by the mysterious Frank (Chris Pine). The only one who doubts the luxury and comforts surrounding them is Alice, the only one among so many “good people” brave enough to challenge rules and habits to unveil the truth behind project Victory. A claustrophobic and distressing American Dream in which freedom and privacy are optional and control is oppressive. An intriguing allegory based on a script that was on the Black List of 2019

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