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Italy/Belgium, 2022. Director Stefano Collizzolli, Daniele Gaglianone. With Evandro Fornasier Distribution Zalab. Running Time 1h 41’

Political and social topics are significant in the selection of Venice Days 2022. One of the most exciting features is the documentary Se fate i bravi directed by Stefano Collizzolli and Daniele Gaglianone (both screenwriters teaming with Fabio Geda). The film is in the selection of Notti VenezianeSe fate i bravi focuses on those who were in Genova in 2001 to protest against globalization during the G8 conference. 20 years later, the fights and the frightening crackdown on the marchers by the Italian police (narrated in Daniele Vicari’s Diaz), the directors reflect on what happened in those days and that dream of change. Gaglianone is known for movies such as I nostri anniNemmeno il destinoPietro, RuggineLa mia classe and the documentaries Dove bisogna stareIl tempo rimasto and Sorelle d’Italia, the latest written with Collizzolli.

Emanuele Bucci


USA, 2022, Director Steve Buscemi, With Tessa Thompson, Running time 96’

Steve Buscemi, an outstanding player in more than 150 movies and tv series, made his directorial debut in 1996 with Trees Lounge. Now he’s behind the camera in The Listener, written by Alessandro Camon (Academy award nominated in 2009 for Oren Moverman’s The Messenger). Beth (Tessa Thompson) is a helpline volunteer. She’s part of that little army of people that every night collect calls from those feeling lonely, empty, hopeless. During the last year, calls are multiplied, and Beth knows that there’s too much at stake: is this the night when she loses or saves someone’s life? We will finally discover why Beth put herself at the service of others, listening, understanding, and glueing the world back one piece at a time.

Oscar Cosulich

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