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Canada, USA, 2022, Director Graham Foy, With Jackson Sluiter, Marcel T. Jimenèz, Hayley Ness, Running time 117

Graham Foy a.k.a. Fantavious Fritz gives up his pseudonymous to direct his first feature film. The perfect summer day for three teens ends up in tragedy. The cliff under the railway is where Colton e Kyle share the dreams and desires they express in their graffitis. But it is also where Whitney hangs looking for comfort after being abandoned by her best friend. And it is the place where Whitney disappears. Only her diary is left behind, filled with her vents and intimacy. The two friends collect the journal and bring us into a world where we can make otherworldly encounters. Coming of age becomes a poetic tale, as imaginary as real, full of “references to events, people and places” of Foy’s youthness in Calgary, where he shot this “poetic vision about friendship, loss and grief “.

Mattia Pasquini


Italy, 2022, Director Greta De Lazzaris, Jacopo Quadri With Daria Deflorian, Antonio Tagliarini, Monica Demuru, Emanuele Valenti, Francesco Alberici, Martina Badiluzzi, Andrea Pizzalis, Emanuele Pontecorvo Running time: 88’

Real life and creative process constantly melt while a show takes shape. The directors Greta De Lazzaris and Jacopo Quadri describe this in their documentary “We’re Here to Try”. Daria and Antonio are neighbours, but most of all, they are an artistic couple about to stage a new project inspired by Federico Fellini’s Ginger & Fred. Daria is about to get married, and Antonio will be her best man. Day after day, they build the drama of their show and of their lives as well while practising tip-tap and rehearsing the script. “We’re Here to Try” confuses reality and fiction “just like life with its unpredictable trajectories”, as the directors say.

Vania Amitrano


Italy, 2022. Director Vincenzo Pirrotta. With Vincenzo Pirrotta, Selene Caramazza, Ninni Bruschetta, Giovanni Calcagno, Filippo Luna, Aurora Quattrocchi, Simona Malato, Luigi Lo Cascio. Running Time 1h e 45’.

Vincenzo Pirrotta’s Spaccaossa is set in a very dark Palermo. The film is one of the world premieres of Venice Days’ Notti Veneziane delle Giornate degli Autori. The story, according to the director’s words (and screenwriter with Ignazio Rosato), is about «a double misery»: the material one of the people accepting to be mutilated for money, and the moral one of the criminal gang that runs this business to fake accidents and swindle the insurance companies. Vincenzo (played by Pirrotta, who defines the character as «a man with no qualities, maybe the most miserable one») is one of the gang, and he involves in this business even the woman he loves, the drug addict Luisa (Selene Caramazza). Spaccaossa is inspired by an actual event that Pirrotta wanted to set on stage. «But then», explains, «Salvo Ficarra suggested to me turn the story into a movie».

Emanuele Bucci

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