Today’s agenda

Friday, September 9th.

10 a.m. TROPICAN ROOM 1: The (good) cinema in search of sustainability. With Stefano Zecchi, Livio Livi, Ezio Bonanni, Carlotta Del Bianco, Cordelia Vitiello, Romano Solai, Maura Gentile, Alessandra Monasta, Roberto Pellegrini. Massimo Lucidi will moderate.

11 a.m. MEETING SPACE: FAI Foundation Collateral Award. Person, Work, Environment (3rd edition) Organized by FAI Foundation.

11 a.m.. HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY LOUNGE. Director Peter Greenaway meets with accredited journalists.

12.20 pm. ITALIAN PAVILION: Roma Lazio Film Commision – Award ceremony for the best Italian film selected by the exhibitors.

12:30 pm. TROPICAN ROOM 1: About Women – Women Rights, a universal struggle to defend forgotten rights. With Lina al-Hathloul, Zara Ahmadi, Sahraa Karimi, Alessandra Moretti, Pina Picierno. Silvia Boccardi moderates.

2 p.m. MEETING SPACE: Presentation of the Collateral Award for Social Criticism “Smile Different Venice Award” Organized by Dream On and now in its 12th edition.

3:30 pm. TROPICAN ROOM 1: About Women Next Gen – Word to the Young People. With Bianca Arrighini and Livia Viganò, Emma Ruzzon, Consolata Losann.

4 p.m. HOTEL QUATTRO FONTANE: The FRED AWARD, the award of FRED Film Radio, the official International Web Radio of the Venice International Film Festival, will be presented to Tessa Thompson.

4:30 pm. CORINTO ROOM: Screening in the presence of Peter Greenaway of The Draughtsman’s Contract.

4:30 p.m.: RED CARPET: Flash mob to draw attention to the plight of arrested or imprisoned filmmakers around the world, and in particular director Jafar Panahi and other persecuted Iranian filmmakers. The event will precede the screening of his film Kehrs nist.

4:45 p.m. PERLA ROOM: Steve Buscemi and Tessa Thompson present the film The Listener.

5 p.m. TROPICAN ROOM 1: ARCA CinemaYouth Award. ARCA award ceremony for the best international film and best Italian film at Venice 79.

5 p.m. HOTEL EXCELSIOR: Agiscuola Leoncino d’Oro Award Ceremony.

6 p.m. DES BAINS: The Cosmopolitan After-Cinema Final Party for 10 years of the Soundtrack Star Award with Stefano Bollani receiving the award and Valentina Cenni.

7:30 pm. SINA CENTURION PALACE (Venice): Presentation to Oliver Stone of the Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award. Collateral Event of the 79th edition of the Venice International Film Festival, dedicated to the relationship between the languages of Cinema and Art.


Saturday, Sept. 10
11 a.m. TROPICAN ROOM 1: About Women – in Ukraine, the cruelest weapon is the one thrown at women. With Maria Mezentseva Alessandra Moretti, Kasia Smutniak, Pietro Bartolo Paola Angeletti, moderated by Massimo Coccia.

12 noon. TROPICAN ROOM 1: Venice 79 Collateral Awards Ceremony.

7 p.m. HALL GRANDE: Award ceremony for the winners of the International Film Festival.

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