Domenica 13 Settembre 2020

Movie of the day: “The Flood Won’t Come”

War. Any war, in an abstract, universal sense. What is war made of? Soldiers, weapons, cold, fear. And death. The Colonel is a professional, in the middle of the battlefields he moves confidently. He makes decisions, gives orders, coordinates missions. Yet the years pass and the thought of loved ones, of home, of a normal life in times of peace, emerges like a dream. But war is everywhere. Forever eternal. It ends and then starts again.

We chose it because

An amazing formal revelation. A film that has no equal, capable of combining one visual and narrative invention after another. With a political and humanist approach of rare power and political lucidity. Bewildering, hard, brutal but also surprisingly lyrical. Like the incipit in the clouds, an unprecedented visionary act.

Lithuania, 2020 Directed by Marat Sargsyan Cast Valentinas Masalskis, Remigijus Vilkaitis, Sigitas Račkys, Daumantas Ciunis Runtime 95’

Beatrice Fiorentino