Domenica 13 Settembre 2020

The point of view

Call Me By Your Brand

In the beginning was the Emperor, known as Valentino, that turned his celebrative biopic into an extraordinary event. It was Venice 2008 and a new format was born. Haute Couture documentary is well beyond a simple cinematic product. It’s luxury “Branded Content”, an effective vehicle to get the audience closer to an industry that is exclusive and aspirational by definition. Fashion is leaving catwalks to tell its stories in cinemas, the stylist becomes a movie star, but brands are the lead characters above all. Fashion groups look for excellence and beauty and pick filmmakers with a refined aesthetic to give an authorial touch on products that are commercials in a proper way.

It is not by chance that Dolce & Gabbana gave years ago the creation of their moving image to an Academy Award winner, Giuseppe Tornatore. The Ferragamo family has chosen Luca Guadagnino to tell the epic of Salvatore – Shoemaker of Dreams, founder of one of the most prestigious brands worldwide. A clever merge of culture, tradition and promotion that allows authors pleasant and profitable detours. In nature nothing is destroyed and everything is transformed, then even from a pair of shoes a masterpiece can arise.