Fractal, life is a stage – Taormina 67 – In Competition

Fractal is the first feature of Iranian director Rezvan Pakpour and opens the International Competition of Taormina 67

The members of theatre company meet for the last day of rehearsals of a pièce. The title: Fractal. The name of the company: Silence.

Amirhossein is the leader and director

He was designated by the others two weeks before and he announced a surprise for this final night of rehearsals that once revealed sets everyone amazed. The company decides to follow what he asks for, but immediately conflicts, clashes, envy arise. Maya is the only one who knows what Amirhossein’s real purpose is. She tries to stop what appears to be the unavoidable stream of events.

I started writing Fractal after reading William Glasser’s Theory of Choice and Adler’s Theory” director Rezvan Pakpour explains. The theory of choice states, very briefly, that man chooses his behaviors relying on his needs. “While writing I witnessed devastation in the Middle East, civil wars, riots and the fall of many dictatorships. Justice, authority, freedom, hypocrisy, I have constantly thought about the triggering causes of these and other behaviors».

Fractal is Pakpour’s debut film

The first of a trilogy, she’s already writing the second one, about the study of human behavior. The small independent company of the film is a microcosm that replicates the worst dynamics of contemporaneity, from totalitarianism to individualism. They build a path that news and history often taught us ends where no one would have wanted. “History is an excellent judge” adds the director. “Above all, it has left us indelible traces of many events triggered by two primary needs of man: freedom and power“.

Perfect synthesis of a surprising film

A debut work that deserves the competition of Taormina 67, which juggles between genres, Brecht and Von Trier.

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