Loving movies is the strenght of cinema

When you find yourself in a festival carefully organized, paced by high-level movies that are the actual center of the event, surrounded by fans and professionals for whom being there is something important, you rediscover all the beauty of cinema, its sharing strength and the emotions is able to exercise. This is what is happening to me in Taormina during these days, thanks to the amazing job of the three directors of the event and the organizers.

It is an important surprise, because this is a festival that has its roots in the very history of the best Italian and international cinema and seeing it kick off, newly dressed, at the return of the great festivals in attendance, represents an important event for the recovery. of the cinema system.

Summer is not the best time to record large numbers in cinemas, but I am convinced that the contribution of reviews like these, in which the films return to shine in an exceptional outdoor room such as the Ancient Theater or on the screen of the Palazzo dei Congressi, perform a function of relaunching the passion for this art.

I am also convinced that people will return to enjoy the movies in theaters. And that those who have transformed the terrible and prolonged period of closure due to lockdowns into an opportunity to renovate their cinema, will soon reap the fruits of these efforts.

Because cinema also represents a moment of sharing, a bit like the big tables that often represent the central moment of a film, even mine. And of the magic of those tables, and of sharing, we cannot do without.

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