Il silenzio grande / Tu me rassemble

«Meeting Maurizio de Giovanni has been important in my recent career. He brought projects that intrigued me», said Alessandro Gassmann. He played Inspector Lojacono in the tv series I bastardi di Pizzofalcone, he directed in theatre Il silenzio grande, a comedy wrote by De Giovanni that has become his third movie as a director. The set of the story is Villa Primic, a luxury decadent mansion that has been placed on the market by its heirs. A painful decision for Mrs Rose (Margherita Buy) and shared by the heirs of the dilapidated fortune, but contested by the pater familias Valerio (Massimiliano Gallo), suddenly struck by the bitter awareness that being alive is not enough to live.

Italy, Poland, 2021. Directed by Alessandro Gassmann. With Massimiliano Gallo, Margherita Buy, Marina Confalone, Antonia Fotaras, Emanuele Linfatti, Roberto De Francesco. Lenght 106’

Distribution: Vision Distribution

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