Levi’s® – Levi’s® Go Forth

In 2009, Levi’s launched Go Forth, a new voice and campaign for the Levi’s brand and Levi’s 501 jeans. The campaign is inspired by the passion Walt Whitman felt for the potential of America and promise of the future. Films were created to demonstrate Levi’s awareness and relevance in the world through “America” and “Pioneers! O Pioneers” accompanied by readings of Whitman’s poems of the same name. Outdoor and printed material evoked the spirit of the new pioneer—today’s progressive—by featuring such optimistic statements as “Will work for better times,” “All I need is all I got,” and “Tough as your spirit.” Combined with a digital re-editing of the Declaration of Independence and a call for young pioneers to create a new portrait of America online, the Go Forth campaign infused new energy into an authentic and beloved brand that had been somewhat quiet for too long.