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The new tales of migration. D’Auteur

The theme of migrants also enters Venice 80 but from two unprecedented perspectives that can add points of view and valuable discussions to understand one of the great dramas of our years. Today is the day of Io Capitano, the inspired film in which Matteo Garrone tells an aspect of the journey of hope from Black Africa to Europe that is often overlooked in journalistic reporting. Among new slavers, cutthroats, and dangers of all kinds that go beyond hunger and thirst, what remains is the close-up of the human beings that choose to undertake this journey, reminding us that to do so, they leave something and someone. Agnieszka Holland, on her side, in The Green Border, has taken us to the border between Poland and Belarus to talk about Europe, about a drama that is little more than 1,000 kilometres away and that is being consumed in the (deafening) silence of the big media that informs us every day from all sides, forgetting that men, women and children like us are dying in the most surreal way. At the same time, we discuss smoky peace strategies and alleged decisive offensives. And here again, there is no ideology, just the narrative of humanity.

Once again, it can illuminate parts of us by forcing us to come to terms with them.

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