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  • Alessandro Roia receives SIAE award for creative talent
  • Italian roles: meeting with Edoardo Pesce 
  • The meeting on audiovisual

Alessandro Roia receives SIAE award for creative talent

The presentation of the Siae Award to Alessandro Roia in Sala Perla has been a moving event. It’s been the chance to remember the recently deceased Andrea Purgatori by Venice Days President Francesco Ranieri Martinotti. Today, the Notti Veneziane section will screen Con la grazia di un Dio (With the Grace of a God), Alessandro Roia’s debut film as director. A successful actor who became famous for his portrayal of Dandi in Stefano Sollima’s Romanzo Criminale tv series, Roia worked with Paolo Virzì, Carlo Virzì, Ferzan Özpetek, Daniele Vicari and the Manetti Bros, thanks to whom he was nominated for a Silver Ribbon and Golden Globe for Song’e Napule in 2014. Yesterday, the award was presented to Roia by Francesco Ranieri Martinoti. “For his ability to tell the human soul,” said the GoA director. “Directing a film allowed me to get closer to a part that I have always loved so much about this work and to find a synthesis of what I have done so far,” Roia told Ciak.

Francesco Ranieri Martinotti and Alessandro Roia


Italian roles: speaks Edoardo Pesce

The debate continues at the Lido on whether or not Italian characters in films should be given to actors of the same nationality rather than American or from other countries. After Pierfrancesco Favino had expressed a preference for the first hypothesis (“If a Cuban cannot play a Mexican, why can an American play an Italian? Only by us”), a different opinion was expressed by Edoardo Pesce, in Venice to present the film El paraíso. According to him, there would be no problem with having people who do not speak the same language play Italian roles: “I did a Sicilian from Palermo, learn the dialect and go! An actor’s job is to represent. Otherwise, make a documentary.”

Edoardo Pesce


The meeting on audiovisual

How can audiovisuals become central again in the global market? This question was the starting point for yesterday’s meeting, bringing together the most important names in the Italian industry. “The litmus test of an industry’s success is the fact that international talents come to work for Italian companies,” stressed Fremantle’s Andrea Scrosati, “Today, you no longer say to the successful Italian director bravo, now you can come to Hollywood. Today we tell him that a star like Daniel Craig is coming to Italy to make a film with him. It’s the result of an ecosystem created by our institutions.” “We shoot in English, everything can cross the local border, and the key is always the same: content,” adds Rai Fiction’s Maria Pia Ammirati. “The arrival of Netflix has changed production across the country,” explains Netflix’s Tinni Andretta, “The issue of language was important, but now it’s a time of growth. “With series like Costiera and Citadel,” explains Prime Video’s Marco Azzani, “we plan to raise the quality bar. “Italian distributors are not very strong because foreigners have more experience and money,” says Paolo Del Brocco of Rai Cinema, “We need a strengthening of this activity. “Cinecittà can play a fundamental role in consolidating the audiovisual system,” stresses Nicola Maccanico of Cinecittà, “Bring to the ground what the creative world builds. “Addressing almost 300 million euros in Cinecittà responded precisely to the idea of having an important infrastructure,” concludes Nicola Borrelli of MIC.

Tiziana Leone

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