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In competition: Melk by Stefanie Kolk


World premiere, debut feature.

Netherlands, 2023. Directed by Stefanie Kolk. With Frieda Barnhard, Aleksej Ovsiannikov, Ruth Sahertian, Jules Elting, Murat Toker, Arnoud Bos, Zineb Fallouk, Wimie Wilhelm. Running time 96′

Dutch screenwriter and director Stefanie Kolk directed acclaimed shorts since 2012 such as Clan, Harbour and Eyes on the Road since 2012 and the music video Sarah Walk: Still Frames (2017) about the Chicago singer-songwriter. Melk, which she wrote with Nena van Driel (screenwriter of the miniseries WTF?!), marks her feature debut and deals with the theme of rebirth in suffering, made possible by the spirit of sharing.

Days after giving birth to a stillborn baby, Robin’s (Frieda Barnhard) breasts begin to produce milk; not wanting to throw it away, the woman offers it to those in need. However, finding a place to donate proves more difficult than expected, and her milk begins to invade the freezer, her relationship, and her life.

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