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Adagio, Sollima: «My act of love to Rome»

“Adagio is the closing of a trilogy about a Rome criminal underworld.Stefano Solima recounts in the film the decadent parable of three criminals in a Rome plagued by fires and constant blackouts, played by Pierfrancesco Favino, Toni Servillo and Valerio Mastandrea. “In Romanzo Criminale was told the birth of a gang that exercised unquestionable power over Rome,” the director explains, “Adagio is a tale about the decadence of old crime legends who now live on the fringes of society. There is a connection with the Magliana gang. It was an important social phenomenon, but only to give these figures a mythological past. Servillo’s character says clearly, “These don’t remember anymore who we are.” Favino has the role of Romeo aka Er Cammello. “They are like three moths gone mad, each revolving around his obsession,” the actor points out. “I think they have to come to terms with themselves. But the most beautiful message in the film is that, fortunately, the fathers’ faults do not have to fall on the sons because they are individuals capable of choosing for themselves. Toni Servillo is Daytona. “A character who acts in the play, a man who understands that certain rules coincide with a destiny against which he goes crashing. And before he crashes against this tragic end, he plays it out, to the last.” Mastandrea is Pol Niumann. “When Sollima gave me the script, I told him it was a good story about old people I would like to see. I didn’t think he wanted to offer me a role,” he smiles.

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