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“Why tell the story of Enzo Ferrari? Because I believe his story is deeply human and the conflicts of his life universal. Mourning, pain, love, ambition. They affect all of us.Michael Mann does not like to call it a biopic but a true drama, his Ferrari, which had its world premiere today at the Venice Film Festival. As director – and screenwriter, together with Troy Kennedy Martin – Mann has chosen to tell the story of a particular period in Enzo Ferrari‘s life. 1957 was the year in which the famous Modenese entrepreneur faced a double crisis, personal and professional. “In that year, the greatest conflicts of his life emerged,” Mann explains, “The company was in danger of bankruptcy, his marriage was falling apart, he had just lost his son Dino, and he was struggling with the inheritance of another, unrecognized son. That year brought together his past, present and future.

Enzo Ferrari is embodied by Adam Driver, the first major Hollywood star to arrive on the Lido at the height of the strike thanks to the waiver that allows independent and non-AMPTP films to do promotion (Ferrari is produced by STX Entertainment). Driver was joined by Patrick Dempsey, who plays driver Piero Taruffi in the movie. “We give our full support to the SAG-AFTRA strike. We are happy to be here and support a film that is not part of the AMPTP and that we shot with so many difficulties,” they explained.

Driver returns to play an Italian icon after Maurizio Gucci in House of Gucci (2022), moving from the world of fashion to the world of motor racing. A world he knew little about, he admits, but one that left him fascinated: “More than the cars (which the production didn’t let me touch much!), I was fascinated by the mentality of the drivers. You understand the importance of staying focused on the moment because you cannot afford distractions. This mindset was useful for me to play the character. Enzo is spontaneous, impulsive, and able to make quick decisions independently because of an ever-present focus.”

On the other hand, the one who couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of those historic cars was Patrick Dempsey, a professional driver (as well as an actor) and a huge racing fan. “I knew Enzo’s story. I read the books, and I’m fascinated by this world. When I read Michael’s script over ten years ago, I immediately thought, ‘This is the best script ever written in motorsports.’ I wanted to be a part of it at all costs.”



Sicily, focus on the audiovisuals

The States General of the Audiovisual sector convened by the Ministry of Culture will be held in Ortigia in April. It was announced by Undersecretary Lucia Borgonzoni at a meeting dedicated to the Sicilian Film Commission, an opportunity to take stock of the activities carried out and new projects. “I cannot imagine a story that cannot be set in Sicily,” said Regional Councillor for Tourism Elvira Amata, “because of the variety and richness of the territory. We were among the first to grasp the deep connections between audiovisual and tourism development.” “We have assisted,” recalled the head of the Sicilian Film Commission Nicola Tarantino, “more than 100 productions and co-productions, and more than 150 other productions, such as commercials and video clips. Sicily has equipped itself with a video mapping of all the locations offered by the region: “We have mapped 380 of them, with the contribution of the students of the Palermo CSC,” concluded Ivan Scinardo, director of the Palermo office of the structure.

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