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Sobre todo de noche by Víctor Iriarte


  • Sobre Todo De Noche by Víctor Iriarte
  • Notti Veneziane


Spain/Portugal/France, 2023, Director Víctor Iriarte, Starring Lola Dueñas, Ana Torrent, Manuel Egozkue, Running time 105′

47-year-old Vasco Víctor Iriarte makes his debut at the 20th Venice Days. Iriarte arrives from the San Sebastián Film Festival, where he has been a member of the selection committee since 2015, and the publication of Geometría, his 2019 literary debut. But above all, he arrives with a film noir on the road starring the extraordinary Lola Dueñas of Tesis, Alejandro Amenábar’s debut, accompanied by a string of Goya Award winners not to be underestimated: from Ana Torrent (Mare dentro, Bird Box Barcelona and many films with Pedro Almodóvar) to sound designer Alazne Ameztoy and composer Maite Arroitajauregi. The two actresses are, respectively, Vera – a young mother forced to give her son up for adoption at birth and now desperately searching for him – and Cora, who only through adoption was able to become a mother. Uniting them and dividing them is the nearly 18-year-old Egoz, who with them makes up the triangle at the centre of this “sad adventure film,” as the director puts it: “a film that becomes another film, that becomes another film, that becomes another film,” “about how, when you have nothing and when everything has been taken away from you, stories, narratives, fictions, films, letters, voices, memories, are the only thing that can save us.”


After L’invenzione della neve, the journey of Notti Veneziane, the Venice Days space (in agreement with Oedipus Island) dedicated to Italian arthouse cinema, continues. On Sept. 2, it is the turn of Frammenti di un discorso amoroso, where Chloé Barreau recomposes her (not only) sentimental experience: a film that reflects the critical knot of this year’s selection, the need to reappropriate time. Thus Irene Dorigotti in Across (Sept. 3) faces an existential crisis by retracing the memories of her grandfather, founder of Italy’s first travel agency. On Sept. 4 is Alessandro Roia’s directorial debut Con la grazia di un dio, starring Tommaso Ragno, and the next day we have Le mie poesie non cambieranno il mondo by Annalena Benini and Francesco Piccolo, a portrait of poetess Patrizia Cavalli (1947-2022). Between past, present and future, starting with the discovery of the two Riace Bronzes in 1972, moves the doc Semidei by Fabio Mollo and Alessandra Cataleta (Sept. 6). It continues on Sept. 7 with Casablanca by Adriano Valerio, focusing on the (impossible?) love between a Moroccan man and an Italian woman, and closes on Sept. 8 with Anna by Marco Amenta, where the eponymous protagonist (Rose Aste) defends her land in Sardinia from speculation.

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