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The Soundtrack Stars 2023 award goes to Levante

The Soundtrack Stars 2023 award of the year goes to Levante for his debut on the soundtrack of the film Romantiche by Pilar Fogliati. The winning song is “Leggera”. The recognition will be presented with a ceremony at 2.10pm at the Italian Pavillion in the Excelsior Hotel. The award jury will also award an award to the best soundtrack among the films in competition which will then be revealed this morning.

Levante therefore wins with a song of which she is the author as well as the performer and which was produced by Daniel Bestonzo and Antonio Filippelli. It should be noted that the singer-songwriter also starred in one of the episodes of Romatiche in the role of herself. Subsonica, however, received the special Soundtrack Stars Award for the music of Adagio by Stefano Sollima (Venice 80th Competition). Conceived and produced entirely by Free Event, a group that has been a protagonist in the music sector for years, the Soundtrack Stars Award, which celebrated its tenth anniversary last year, is the collateral award of the Venice International Film Festival, promoted with the Italian Film Journalists (SNGCI ), which enhances music in cinema in its key role, essential in the production of a film, as an authentic protagonist among the performers on the set..

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