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La Bête by Bertrand Bonello


Venezia 80 – Competition

France, Canada, 2023 Directed by Bertrand Bonello With Léa Seydoux, George MacKay Running time 146’

Bertrand Bonello, a director hailing from Nice, is known for his work on films such as “Who I Am. Based on Pier Paolo Pasolini” (1996), “The Pornographer” (2001), and “L’Apollonide Souvenirs de la Maison Close” (2011), among others. He has also directed numerous music videos and short films, consistently showcasing a unique, non-conformist perspective that defies clichés.

In “La Bête” the narrative revolves around Gabrielle (Léa Seydoux), who boldly chooses to cleanse her DNA by undergoing a test with a machine that transports her back to her past lives. This mechanism effectively liberates her from overwhelming emotions, a conscious decision in a future where emotions, now deemed hazardous in everyday life, have been prohibited. However, Gabrielle’s trajectory takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Louis (portrayed by George MacKay, who stepped into the role following the untimely passing of Gaspard Ulliel). Their connection is instantaneous and profound, as if their bond spans ages, altering Gabrielle’s intended transformation.

The storyline unfolds across three historical epochs: 1910, 2014, and 2044. This science fiction melodrama, loosely inspired by Henry James’ short story “The Beast in the Jungle,” brings to the forefront a director who had previously collaborated with Léa Seydoux in the 2014 biographical film “Saint Laurent,” centred around the life of the renowned French fashion designer. This film secured ten Cesar Award nominations. Gaspard Ulliel portrayed the enigmatic fashion icon, navigating the complexities of his triumphs on the runway juxtaposed with the heartaches and inner struggles of his turbulent romantic life. The cast also included performances by Louis Garrell and Helmut Berger.

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